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CINEMALAYA 2018 | MOVIE REVIEW: The Lookout (2018)

Look no further, The Lookout is a bad film. Find out why, here in my full review of Afi Africa’s The Lookout.

The way the story is laid out makes no sense. You get the vibe that the film is trying to be smart and clever, struggling to stay relevant with sensitive topics and current issues, but in reality, it is far from that. The film tries to balance so many things on its plate, that it ends up being one heck of a mess. It all plays out like your standard afternoon teleserye fare, albeit less entertaining.

It’s really hard to take this film seriously. There’s nothing really interesting here, and you never really care for these characters or what happens to them. The acting’s not great, either. Not even Yayo Aguila, last year’s Cinemalaya Best Supporting Actress, could save this film. Everyone hams it up, especially towards the third act of the film.

There were a lot of unnecessary scenes in the film. Most of the eroticism seems to be there just because they wanted it to be there serving no significant purpose to the story at hand. It even gets worse when the third act starts, where the story leaves all logic out the window, and just settles for overacted theatrics. None of these characters seem like they’re in their right minds, but it won’t really matter anyway because, as I’ve said earlier, you won’t really care for them in any way.

It’s a shame because the cinematography is quite good. They clearly know the look the film is aiming for, and for the most part, they actually achieve it. They seem to have gone for style over substance, and after watching the film, it was confirmed that they absolutely don’t have the latter. The writing is mediocrity at its finest, and the dialogue will leave you literally cringing. The film feels like a really bad fanfiction novel, adapted into a really bad film.

The Lookout is unintentionally one of the funniest comedies in Cinemalaya history. They have a message in there somewhere, but it gets lost beneath all the mediocrity of the writing. If they just did things right, then they wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the whole festival.

My Rating: 3/10

Here’s the full trailer of ‘The Lookout’:


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