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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Love You To The Stars And Back’ (2017)

Aliens, chickens, cancer, chants, young love, and so much more. Here’s my review of Antoinette Jadaone’s latest film, Love You To The Stars And Back.


I’ve been a fan of Jadaone’s work, ever since That Thing Called Tadhana, and I must say, this is her best Star Cinema film yet. I specifically said Star Cinema, as Tadhana remains to be at the top of my list, which is not produced by them. What sets this rom-com apart from other films of the same genre is how it tackles darker, more mature themes. It’s a big risk for Star Cinema, and I applaud them for actually making a film like this.


You could really tell that this is Antoinette Jadaone’s passion project. It feels as if all creative freedom was given to her by Star, and she pulled out all the stops in fully executing her vision for this film, making sure that it will truly be her film. She makes us experience a whirlwind of emotions, without going too far. The “aliens” metaphor was cleverly used to depict how dark these characters could go. It’s genius, really, and the real meaning never crossed my mind at first.

Screenshot (161)

Whether you liked the movie or not, one things for sure, it’s undeniable that Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto are amazing actors. The acting prowess they’ve shown here proves that they are miles ahead from their contemporaries. Garcia excels in the dramatics, while Barretto has great potential as a leading lady. Together, they have great chemistry, and in this movie, there’s even a layer of sexual tension noticeable in most of their scenes.

Screenshot (162)

Now, this film is not without flaws. There were a lot of scenes where it got too loud for my liking, and the resolution feels a bit rushed. But, overall, it’s still a great film, and it really shows how much passion and love for the craft was put into making this film.

Screenshot (163)

Love You To The Stars And Back is a bold move from Star Cinema. It’s a rom-com at the surface, but deep down, it’s never afraid to get real and go dark. I’ll go as far as saying that this is their best film this year, and I sure hope there’s more films like this to come.

My Rating: 9/10

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