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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (2017) 

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back! This time, Peter’s much younger, and Aunt May is unbelievably hotter. This is my review of Marvel Studio’s take on Spidey, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Caution: There were a lot of thoughts on my mind right after I watched this film. Some negative, the rest positive. Most of you may not agree with the things I say here, so there, you’ve been warned. Let’s do this.

Screenshot (123)
From Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

Right off the bat, I felt like this film couldn’t stand on its own, considering that this is Spider-Man’s first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It almost feels like a sequel, as there’s not enough character establishment and backstory to this film (which, in a way, is a good thing, I mean after 5 movies you’d probably know how the story goes).

From Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

If you look at other introductory films from the MCU, like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, to the more recent ones like Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange, you’ll find that these films have a more solidly written storyline, one that isn’t too dependent on previous films for the story to work. Here in Homecoming, the story is very much attached to the events and characters from previous films, like having Tony Stark as his mentor, and Peter Parker’s ultimate goal of joining the Avengers.

From Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

The pacing of the film is a bit off. There are a lot of times where it feels like the story is dragging on, with some scenes never really helping the story move forward. The tone of the film is also terribly inconsistent. It tries to mix the usual superhero movie with high school teenage drama, and they mess up a bit. It’s almost too tiring to watch. It gets better in the final act, but it takes too long to get there.

From Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

When I first saw Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, I immediately felt that he was perfect for the role, and that carries on here on his solo film. I’ve said before that he’s the perfect mix between Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, he takes the best parts of their performances and adds a dash of youthfulness, and a bit more humor. He’s just a delight to watch in this.

From Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

I am a fan of Michael Keaton’s work, and I must say, he was amazing as The Vulture. I’d say this is one of the more effective villain portrayals in the MCU, and we all know how rare that is. He’s menacing, but at the same time, you’d understand where he’s coming from. Many people have said that this film could have too much Iron Man in it, but that really isn’t the case. They actually utilized his character well, only appearing when he’s needed to appear. 

From Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t the best iteration out there, but it certainly isn’t the worst. It’s a solid effort to tie Spidey in to the MCU, but there’s a lot of things it could’ve improved on. Tom Holland and Michael Keaton’s performances are enough to make you see this film, and I actually enjoyed it, but your level of enjoyment will really depend on what you want in a superhero film like this.

My Rating: 8/10


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