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Cinemalaya 2016: Shorts A & B | Movie Review 

It’s my favorite time of the year once again, where 2 of my favorite things come together: quality movies and the beautiful CCP. It’s time for Cinemalaya 2016! Here are my reviews for this year’s short feature entries. Just like last year, there are 10 shorts, which are divided into 2 sets, Shorts A and Shorts B.


Bugtaw has an interesting concept, wherein reality and fantasy melds together through dreams and drawings. The mix of live action and animation is cleverly used, but unfortunately it doesn’t take the concept to its full potential.

My Rating – 7/10

Ang Maangas, Ang Marikit, At Ang Makata knows what it is. It’s silly, absurd, but at the same time, charming and endearing. It never takes it self too seriously, which is why it works very well. The ending was a bit abrupt, but overall, I loved this short.

My Rating – 9/10

Mansyong Papel but it was butchered to make it fit into a short film. The film is inconsistent, from the editing, to the audio, the cinematography, and so on. There’s also this one actress who just hams it up the whole time, delivering her lines like she’s in a crappy school play. There is a story to be told here, there just isn’t enough time to tell it.

My Rating – 5/10

Nakauwi Na is too predictable to become even slightly interesting. It’s a solid film, in the technical aspect, but it never really gets emotionally affecting, mainly because of the mediocre performances from the actors.

My Rating – 7/10

Pektus has the most star-studded cast in all of the shorts. You have brilliant actors like Nonie Buencamino, Nova Villa, Alex Medina, and many more. I like how this film felt, it had some sort of confidence to it, but it feels like the ending was a bit rushed.

My Rating – 8/10


Butas ends up feeling like an advocacy film, which I think it really is. There’s not much of a story, and it stretches a bit thin, but the imagery is quite stunning. Also, the excessive use of drone shots was quite annoying.

My Rating – 6/10

Ang Hapon Ni Nanding is the most charming out of all the shorts this year. It’s just a simple, feel-good story that’s surprisingly effective and affecting. I rally have no words for this short, I just loved it.

My Rating – 10/10

Get Certified is quite predictable, you’ll know the direction the film would take from the beginning, but the performance of Chai Fonacier makes up for that. Add to that the solid production values and cinematography.

My Rating – 8/10

Fish Out Of Water, dare I say, is the best looking film in this bunch. In terms of cinematography, this one was the most polished aesthetically. The story leaves a lot to be desired, but again, it’s just so pleasing to the eyes. The acting is another thing, though. Yayo Aguila speaking Korean never really comes off as authentic.

My Rating – 8/10

Forever Natin‘s main problem is the couple and their relationship. It all feels very artificial, no chemistry whatsoever. Although the story was OK and the individual performances were good, it never really sells to me their romance.

My Rating – 7/10


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