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Lights Out (2016) | Movie Review 

The combination of two of the things I despise the most in life: darkness, and f*cking jumpscares. I’m pretty sure most of you, if not all, have seen the short film that inspired the film, and now, the full length adaptation is here. Here’s my review of David Sandberg’s Lights Out.

The movie’s main premise is that there is a mysterious creature who only appears in the dark. That’s it, it’s that simple, no complications whatsoever, and that’s what makes it very effective for me. It’s been my life’s nightmare that someone or something is following me in the dark, and this movie is a clear actualization of that. The mere fact that there’s something mysterious in the dark already freaks me out, so imagine the torture I experienced while watching the movie. It isn’t really that scary, I’m just really exaggerating based on my own viewing experience.

Once I got past that, I finally saw the many flaws of the film. First of all, the cast. They were generally underwhelming, although they delivered for the most part. Teresa Palmer is a less interesting version of Kristen Stewart, and the rest are just forgettable. The film was full of horror clichés, but they work well enough that they became effective. The climax and conclusion were underwhelming as well, considering how short the film is (just about an hour and a half), it shows that they somewhat rushed the last few minutes of the film. On the good side, director David Sandberg made great use of the settings, and for a film that relies on darkness, the cinematography and lighting were spot on as well.

Lights Out wasn’t really that scary, but it sure was a lot of fun. The movie relies on jumpscares and shockingly loud scoring, but it was surprisingly effective. It wouldn’t be as enjoyable on your second or third viewing, but it sure is a great time in the cinema. If you’re scared of the dark, this movie probably isn’t for you.

My Rating – 7/10


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