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Dukot (2016) | Movie Review 

A few weeks ago, we were finding Dory, this time, we’re finding Carlo. Here’s my review of Paul Soriano’s latest film, Dukot.

Although Dukot is a bit different from the usual Star Cinema offerings, it still is quite predictable. This film is nothing special, and it does nothing to make it stand out from the other films in this genre. The film opens up a lot of topics, like small time crimes and illegal government transactions, but they aren’t explored fully here. Although for what it offers, it’s still has enough to keep the ride enjoyable.

Enrique Gil is the star of the film, and I must say, he’s greatly improved in terms of acting. He was most effective in his quieter moments. Ricky Davao and Shaina Magdayao are the standouts of the film, and while Christopher De Leon’s character is quite predictable, he still makes the character very likable. Director Paul Soriano clearly knows how to build tension, and he makes great use of the settings.

Dukot is refreshing considering the multitude of romcoms in Pinoy mainstream cinema. But when looked at from a broader perspective, it’s still just a generic suspense thriller, albeit a very effective one. Star Cinema’s move to release this nationwide is commendable, and I hope they do this more often.

My Rating – 7/10 


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