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Captain America: Civil War (2016) | Movie Review

Cap and Stark battle it out in the concluding film of the Captain America trilogy, Captain America: Civil War and I’m saying this now, it was definitely worth the hype.

I have a lot of things to say about Civil War, so I’ll start by saying that I absolutely loved and enjoyed it. It’s hard not to compare this to the other epic superhero battle, Batman V Superman, which was released just last month. To be honest, I enjoyed both films, but I enjoyed Civil War much, MUCH more. In my opinion, it’s the better film between the two in all aspects.

Story-wise, Civil War is a lot more cohesive and well-structured. Although there’s too much going on, it finds a way to make it work, and it works well. It makes us easily understand why these two sides are at war. It helps that the films that come before have clearly shown to us the strong bond between these opposing sides, which makes it all the more affecting and impactful. The film benefits from the solid direction of the Russo Brothers, who also directed Captain America’s 2nd film, The Winter Soldier. The fight scenes aren’t as big as most have expected, but nonetheless they were intense. The action and the stunt work in this film was masterful and is one of the best I’ve seen in recent years.

By this time, the characters are already well-developed, and it helps that they were made to be so likable. This film also introduced us to the newest additions to the MCU, Black Panther and Spider-Man. I kinda like Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man, though he was only in the film for a short while. He nails Spidey’s humor and personality, though some may find his voice too squeaky, but it was fine for me. The best thing about these newly introduced characters is that they were actually part of the film, they were given something to do. They weren’t just added in there through short video clips on a computer or whatever. (Yes, I’m looking at you, BvS!)

Captain America: Civil War is definitely one of Marvel’s best films, and in turn, they’ve created one of the best movie trilogies in recent years. They’ve perfected the superhero movie formula with just right balance of fun and seriousness, and even though we’ve been bombarded with these films these past few years, I don’t think I’ll get tired of them just yet.

My Rating: 10/10


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