Everything About Her (2016) | Movie Review

Starring Angel Locsin, Xian Lim, and Vilma Santos

It’s been about 3 years since we last saw Vilma Santos in the big screen via Chito Roño’s horror flick The Healing, and now she back with Everything About Her. It’s about a successful real estate mogul (portrayed wonderfully by Santos) who finds out that she has bone cancer, and that she has only 29 months to live.

There have been many films with similar plots or storylines before, so it really matters if the execution is good. Fortunately, it works here, mainly because of the rapport between the main characters. The pacing is just right, and the range of emotions were balanced. The romance feels a bit forced, but it’s not really that bad, especially because Angel Locsin and Xian Lim have chemistry.

Vilma Santos has absolutely nothing to prove when it comes to acting. She’s always a delight to have in any movie. Her character here is menacing, but endearing and lovable at the same time. There were also a lot of memorable lines from her character. Angel Locsin‘s versatility is showcased as she handles the comedic and dramatic sides of her character with ease. Xian Lim has improved in his acting, although he still has something noticeably lacking in his performance.

Star Cinema isn’t so good with movie endings, and this is no exception. It feels a bit rushed, but it somehow manages to work with the rest of the movie. The camera work tends to get shaky at times, especially in the hospital scenes at the start of the film, but the rest of the cinematography is your standard Star Cinema fare.

Everything About Her gives us a story that we’ve already seen before, but despite its flaws and shortcomings, it’s still a touching, heartwarming story that’s easily relatable. There could have been more to explore, but the roller coaster of emotions it offers makes it worth watching.

My Rating: 7/10


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