Disaster Drama

Taklub (2015) | Movie Review

Starring Nora Aunor

I first saw this film in the opening of Cinemalaya XI at the CCP last month, but I only got a chance to post my review of it now, which is timely because Taklub (Trap in English) will be showing in selected theaters around the country starting today, Sept. 16. It stars Nora Aunor as a grieving mother who lost her kids at the height of Typhoon Yolanda.

The film shows us the daily struggles of the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, and how they’re all trying to go on and live their lives even after all the losses and hardships. It manages to present to us the different aspects where people struggle after a tragic event like Typhoon Yolanda, from the emotional aspects of losing loved ones, to the difficulties of dealing with a disorganized government.

It’s all effectively haunting, and it helps that the stellar cast give their best performances here. Nora Aunor is one of this country’s best actresses, and here, she doesn’t disappoint. There’s a certain subtlety in her acting which makes it very effective. Director Brilliante Mendoza never fails with his works, although this isn’t really his best, but it is still excellent. My only complaint about the film is how long it is. Because of the length of the film, it tends to stretch the story too thin. There are scenes that seem unnecessary and serve no real purpose whatsoever, as if they were just added for the longer runtime.

Taklub is all about tragedy, and how it manages to trap these people in its aftermath. It never really goes back to the way things were, but sooner or later, they will have to let go and move on with their lives. The film is not flawless, but it’s still great.

My Rating: 8/10

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