Comedy Drama

While We’re Young (2015) | Movie Review

Starring Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Driver

In this film, the young and old collide to create a spectacular dramedy with the right balance of both genres. It’s a showcase of a lot of aspects wherein the young and old have a lot of contrast. We get to see how these two generations differ in terms of clothing, lifestyle, music choices, and even in filmmaking.

We also get to see how the young and old try to change themselves into their opposites: the young couple uses typewriters, plays vinyl records, and even makes their own ice cream, almost like hipsters, really. While the older couple has kept up with the modern times, the wife is taking hip-hop classes, and the husband wears a fedora, and their eyes are always glued to their smartphones and laptops. It instills some kind of message about how differently we live our lives today. One scene encapsulates this message perfectly, wherein Stiller’s character wants to Google something, then Driver’s character stops him and says “Let’s not Google that, let’s just try to remember it”.

Ben Stiller is on a roll, he was great in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and here, he’s even better. He and Naomi Watts perfectly portray a middle-aged couple trying to cope up with the modern times. I also love Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried in this film. They’re all lovable well-developed characters whom you’ll easily care about. The story was good, with a little twist at the last part of the film which was executed nicely. There were also a lot of memorable lines.

It was funny, and at the same time, it was sort of relatable. This film has emerged to become one of my favorites this year, highly recommended.

My Rating: 10/10


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